It rained in San Francisco today! This may not sound like news worthyof an explanation point to most people, but to those familiar with seasonalweather in the Bay Area, this is big news. The Bay Area usuallydoesn’t get rain from about half-way through May to about half-way throughOctober. To get rain in June is nearly unheard of. Of course,most people aren’t prepared for rain in June, myself included. Onlythrough sheer chance did I have my biking rain jacket with me today. However, my bottom half got soaked on the ride home with all thewater and dirt coming off the road. Of course, my bike doesn’t haveany fenders on it right now, so that didn’t help the situation any.

This particular news item from the Washington Post seems to have slipped below the horizon without anyfuss. While Cheney was CEO of Halliburton, Halliburton did businesswith Libya, Iran, and interestingly enough, Iraq. Cheney denies thathis firm did business with Iraq, and that if it did, he didn’t know aboutit. Two senior executives in Halliburton, however, contend that Cheneyhad to know about doing business with Iraq. So, let me get thisstraight. Cheney, as top dog in a corporation, didn’t know with whomhis company did business (and $75 million dollars isn’t that small a number,even for a company like Halliburton) and yet we’re letting him run the country throughthe GW Bush proxy? The other option, of course, is that Cheney knew,and is lying to us. Which one do you prefer to think is true? Isone preferable to another?