A friend of Sarah’s from Tufts was in town this weekend. Yesterdaywe met them in Sausalito, and then went to the Japanese Tea Garden in GoldenGate Park before having everyone over to our place for dinner (salmon on thegrill). Today we went with them up to Napa Valley to visit a couple ofwineries.

We got the second harvest from our garden this weekend. The firstharvest was a moderately sized bowl of peas. The second was a nicesized zucchini. It’s odd because neither of us had noticed thezucchini before, and then one night I went out to look at the garden after Igot home from work and there was a giant zucchini hidden in amongst theleaves. If the zucchini hadn’t been attached to the plant, I probablywould have thought that someone was playing a trick on us by placing thezucchini in the garden. Unfortunately, the peas are almost completelydead at this point. I don’t know if it is powdery mildew that isdoing them in or the oppressive heat we had last week. Whatever itwas, the pea plants are all brown and dessicated. We need to rip themout of the ground and start over. The corn that we planted hastassels and silks out now. Some of the silks have turned brown. Sarahtold me that when the silks turn brown the plant has been fertilized and anear of corn will start growing where the silks are attached to theplant. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what we get from the corn.