From our "California Oddities" file:
Californians seem to be philosophically opposed to using a sprinkler towater their lawns.  Californians tend to grab the hose, without a spraynozzle or any other attachment generally, turn on the water, and head outfor an extended period of standing around, watering the lawn.  It isn’tjust one socio-economic group or ethnicity that does this either.  I’veseen men in suits, women in nice dresses, men in bathrobes, women in sweats,all kinds of people.  It would seem that hooking the sprinkler up tothe hose, letting it run for 10-20 minutes, and having a beer, reading, ordoing anything else, would be preferable.  We use a sprinkler when wewater the garden, and hence, we look like outlanders.  Distinctly Californian Phrase of the Day:  "Righton."  Note, the lack of an exclamation point.  "Righton" is something of an analog to the very generic, "That’scool."  "Right on" expresses approval of an act ordecision.  However, it’s often used in the sense of "That’s greatfor you, but it doesn’t affect me too much, so it’s hard for me to getexcited about whatever you just told me that prompted me to say ‘Righton.’"