It’s been a bit warmer here the past couple of days. Perhaps that iswhat has been contributing to more near-misses on my bike than usual. One teenage girl tried to get into a head-on collision with my bike (she wasin a little white sports car). An older guy driving a Buick tried toside swipe me at an intersection two days ago. There has been theusual “backing out of a driveway without looking” people,”making left turns without looking”, “merging into the bikelane without looking”, and all the other classic bonehead drivermaneuvers. After seeing just how badly people drive, it’s trulyamazing to me that the population of this country is still growing despiteour best efforts to thwart that growth on the highways and roads.

I ordered all the components for my new computer today. I splurgedand bought a 15” LCD display. It added about $150 to the cost of thecomputer, but it subtracted twenty dollars in shipping costs up front (12pounds for the LCD versus 40 pounds for the 17” CRT), andshould save energy in the long term. The pumpkin that we’re growing in our garden has become a chlorophyll’dterror! Several of its vines are over eight feet long. Thefeelers on the vines have actually attached themselves to the undercarriageof my car. I’m waiting for the day that I open up the hood to find theengine choked with pumpkin vines.

Actually, the fact that car sits in one place long enough for the pumpkinto grab hold of the undercarriage is probably a sign that I need to unburdenmyself of the faithful Corsica.