Over the weekend, my Power Macintosh 7500 finally went belly-up. Thesystem has been ever so slowly getting more and more unreliable over thepast year or so. Recently, I’d upgraded it with a new G3 processor, inthe hopes of getting one more year out of the old girl. One more yearturned out to be too optimistic. One more month was about right. There seems to be something fundamentally wrong with the entire SCSIsubsystem. The original drive that came with the computer iscompletely hosed. A year or so ago, I recognized that the drive wasever so slowly failing, and moved all my data onto a different drive. That drive’s only faults are that it is slow and small by todaysstandards. The original CDROM drive (a speedy 4X drive when it wasnew), no longer reliably reads CDs. The SCSI subsystem randomlycorrupts data between the drive and the CPU. Rather than sink evenmore money in the computer, it’s time to invest in a new system. The computer that will replace the Mac will be a PC running some flavorof Windoze and FreeBSD. I’ve been a Mac user for the last ten years ormore, and over that time, it’s the little things that have gottenannoying. Working with Unix so much tends to make one utterlydependent upon log files, verbose and debug settings in applications,configuration files, command line switches, and other arcane tweaks andtricks. The Mac offers none of these things. The newest versionof the MacOS (OS X), is built upon a BSD base, but there doesn’t appear tobe a stable of applications built for that OS right now. Also, Machardware isn’t cheap, or very modular. That is one of my biggest beefswith the Mac: the hardware is always more expensive than PChardware. Beyond the greater expense, Mac hardware often offers fewerchoices than comparable PC hardware.

So, if anyone out there is in need of some Macintosh hardware, I’moffering up the following at very reasonable rates:- XLR8 ZIF Carrier card with 333Mhz G3

  • 700MB SCSI HD
  • 8.3GB SCSI HD
  • Hewlett-Packard Deskwriter (the original)
  • 604e 200+Mhz PowerPC CPU We also took in part of the A’s/Giants game on Saturday. We had acouple of friends over to our place for a BBQ, and we struck out for thegame from our house. We probably left our house about 6 PM PDT. We got to our seats a little after 7 PM PDT. This wouldn’t be so badif we didn’t live about ten minutes away from the stadium. The trafficand parking situation was completely out of control. By the time wegot the car parked, walked the mile-plus to the stadium, found our seats,and sat down, the game was in the top of the seventh inning. Weweren’t the only people in that situation, either. There werethousands and thousands of other people stuck in the same mess. Iguess we were all fashionably late to the same place at the same time inlarge numbers.