If you’re interested in questions like “Why doesn’t stainlesssteel rust?”, “Why are people getting taller?”, and “Howdoes sunscreen work?”, Scientific American has a section of theirwebsite just for you. Ask the Experts is chock full of interesting questions andanswers.

Better hope you never have your house catch on fire in Richmond,CA. Sarah’s office is in Pt. Richmond and directly across the street isthe local fire station. Today, a vacant lot between her office and aChinese restaurant caught on fire. Remember, this lot is also directlyacross the street from the fire station. It took the fire departmentupwards of five minutes to respond to the fire. Before the firedepartment showed up, people had time to make announcements about the fireover the building intercom, get out a garden hose and “defend” theoffice building from the fire, and several people made mad dashes for theircars (which were parked over a hundred yards away). Sounds like youcould get a pizza delivered from across town before you could expect thefire department to show up.