Yesterday was a picture perfect bicycle commuting day. Car commutersdon’t really have a good appreciation for hot days. Car commuters getinto their car, close the windows, turn on the air conditioning, grab thewheel in clenched fists, and drive like they all have to get home rightnow because their house is on fire. Of course, since all the carcommuters are engaging in the same activity, nobody gets anywhere veryquickly at all. Bicycle commuters, on the other hand, generally have avery pleasant commute on days like yesterday (and today, for thatmatter). The breeze generated by bicycling is cool. We chatabout common threads (flat tires, near misses with cars, good rides we’vebeen on recently, etc., etc.). We even bike in pairs and triplets tocontinue the conversation after the ferry ride ends. Much nicer thandriving a car.