Over the weekend, Sarah and I went to Las Vegas, Zion National Park, and theGrand Canyon. We didn’t get back to Alameda until late lastnight. We flew 2000 miles and drove just a shade over 600 miles in thecourse of three days. As you might expect, we’re still a bit tiredtoday. Over the next few days, I’ll probably be posting randomthoughts about the journey.

Why does it take nearly six hours to complete two hours of flying? We left our hotel in Las Vegas at approximately 6:15 PM PDT and arrived homein Alameda at 11:45 PM PDT. During that time we took one 43 minute flightand another fifty-some minute flight. Where did all that time go? Today I started a new job. I am now working for another SanFrancisco-based company, Moonlight Systems.