I got a new glasses prescription today, so everything looks just a bitoff. Hopefully, I won’t bump into too many things before the day isout. Fortunately, I don’t need glasses to bike.

Molly Ivins was kind enough to reveal at least part of the Bushadministrations’ motivations for pushing “clean coal” technology(though I hesitate to use the word technology when the word fantasy is amuch more apt term). The reasons are these:”Time magazine reports Cheney’s aides consulted with theWest Virginia coal baron Buck Harless, a Bush pioneer (at least $100,000);Stephen Addington of AEI Resources, whoseexecutives game more than $600,000 to Republicans last election; and ofcourse, our old favorites Peabody Energy – the biggest coal miner in thecountry – whose chairman gave over $250,000.” AEI Resources, for those who didn’t know (including me), can be bestsummed up by the description on their web site:”AEI Resources, Inc. mines bituminouscoal and sells it to electric utilities, predominantly through long-termcontracts. AEI is the fourth largest steam coal producer in the UnitedStates as measured by revenues and the second largest steam coal producer inthe Central Appalachian coal region as measured by production”