The San Francisco Chronicle today broke new journalistic ground. Theyran an [article](

DTL) which revealed the shocking truth that living in theBay Area is expensive. It’s only been two weeks since their lastarticle revealing the same thing. In another feat of journalism, theChronicle revealed [101 Reasons We Love the Bay Area](

DTL). Just what the worldneeded. Another piece of fluff, completely without depth or usefulinformation, describing why some people like to live in the San FranciscoBay Area. I think it’s been six months since they last ran thatarticle. Apparently, the Chron feels the need to trot out pastfavorites for a little exercise every now and then.

We weeded the garden today and planted a few more bulbs. There issome concern that the green beans we planted aren’t going to sprout. Of course, it would only be fair to say that this concern is primarilyexpressed by Sarah. Other members of the household, who wish to remainnameless, can envision other, edible, vegetables being planted where thegreen beans currently lie, apparently dormant. Regardless, they havebeen given one more week to show some sign of life before more drastic stepsare taken. We had to put out the snail poison tonight, as snail seasonis starting in earnest. Also, something destroyed two of the sixpumpkins that we planted, which leaves us with four of the incredibly quickgrowing plants. Only one zucchini has sprouted. The peas andcarrots are coming up well.