C-SPAN is greattelevision. What other network is going to televise the White HouseCorrespondents’ Dinner, selected sessions of Britain’s Parliament, completePentagon news conferences, and the like? Sure, they still showstultifyingly boring stuff occasionally (Senators and Representativestalking to a mostly empty chamber is dull no matter how you slice it), buton the whole the shows on C-Span are good television.

One of the local public radiooutfits is holding their Spring fund raiser this week. InFebruary, I sent them a pledge for their Winter pledge drive. Theystill have yet to send me a membership card and a couple of otherperks. When queried as to why I have yet to receive some of mymembership benefits, I get a different song and dance every time. Whywould I want to send them money in the Spring when still haven’t figured outhow to handle my Winter contribution?