Global warming, what? The weather here in the Bay Area over the pastcouple of days has been a rerun of what we get in February. Cloudy,windy, and cold, all day.

The job search slogs onward through the mud of resume blackholes. The most frustrating aspect is applying to jobs, getting no feedback fromthe employer, and then seeing the job listed weeks later. Yesterday, I went to the eye doctor for the first time in over threeyears. That was the last major personal health check-up that I hadbeen neglecting. Monday, I’m considering giving blood. PerhapsI’ve been possessed by the spirit of someone who doesn’t have a generaldistrust of doctors? Doubtful. Temporary insanity is more likeit.

Last weekend, we saw the movie Woman on Top. The movie takes place in San Francisco, for the most part and is reasonablyinteresting. The storyline is somewhat predictable, but the rest ofthe movie (music and acting) generally make up for the plot.

We also took in Bridget Jones’ Diary recently. Renee Zellweger does agreat job, and Hugh Grant’s character is slimy beyond imagining. Perhaps the worst part of being an actor is the weight gain and loss thatactors have to go through for their parts. Supposedly, Zellweger puton twenty pounds for this role (if not more). Tom Hanks supposedlywent on a pretty major diet for his role in CastAway. Considering howdifficult it is for most of us to diet, being on a rigid eating schedulewould be quite trying.