Like most major metropolitan Sunday papers, the SF Chronicle has a Travelsection. The SF Chronicle, unlike those other papers, seems to devotean inordinate amount of newsprint to the cruise industry.

Having neverbeen on a cruise myself, I can only guess at thejoy/boredom/relaxation/stress of taking a cruise. However, I generallywouldn’t go on a cruise to engage in any of the following activities:- Rock climbing

  • Ice skating
  • Skeet shooting
  • In-line skating The Travel section today, which was entirely devoted to cruises, indicatedthat these very activities are now available on cruise ships. Who,exactly, takes a seven day Caribbean cruise to go ice skating? Arethere great hoards of people who said to Carneval, “You know, thiswhole cruise was nice, but what would really have been great to have was aclimbing wall!” According to those who have been on cruises, theprimary activities on a cruise are drinking and eating. Neither of thesetwo activities appears to coordinate very well with any of the activitiesabove. Skeet shooting and rock climbing are in my own personal top-tenof “Activities Which Shall Never Follow the Consumption ofLiquor.” Have you ever gorged yourself and said,”Damn! I could really go for some in-line skating rightnow. And then, after that, a six-pack and some shooting would benice.” Maybe it’s reasons like these that I haven’t yet been on acruise?