From our “Should Have Bet on This in Vegas” file: As of this morning, the Minnesota Twins had the best record in professional baseball.

We got our garden into the ground last weekend, but what we planted is slightlydifferent than the list below. Instead of sunflowers, we decided toplant two different varieties of sweet corn. One of the varieties is alate maturation variety, while the other is supposed to matureearlier. Theoretically, this will enable us to have fresh corn for alonger period of time. Sarah is in Arizona this weekend visiting a friend from college. She’s suffering through ninety degree weather while those of us who remained inthe Bay Area have weather in the fifties. On the phone last night, she told me thatshe got sunburned yesterday, but somehow I don’t think she’s going to gettoo much sympathy from those of us who remained behind.

We saw the movie Groove last week. The movie is a look at the SF BayArea rave scene. If you can, try and rent this on DVD and listen tothe supplemental audio that contains director and producer commentary. That’s where they hide all the little tidbits like, “That’s my car thatso-and-so is driving in this scene. The producer’s car is in the nextscene. As you can tell, we were on a pretty tight budget.”

Californians like to sit in their cars. This sounds obviousif you consider their love for driving and that they sit in their cars while driving. However, I’ve noticed many people who sit in their cars doing nothingobvious like talking on a phone or looking at a map, but rather just staringinto space while the car is parked. One or two people might just be ablip in reality, but I’ve seen tens of tens of people who sit in their cars,parked, doing nothing. Why? Cars aren’t particularlycomfortable, generally. Cars don’t smell great; even if they don’tsmell great, they don’t smell that nice. Most people have radios intheir homes so I imagine that they don’t need to get into the car to listento the radio. They aren’t reading, talking on a cell phone, lookingaround like they’re lost, or checking a map, so it’s not like they’restopped on their way to a destination. The car isn’t running either,so it’s not like they pulled over on their way from here to there. What are these people doing? Maybe they don’t even know?