Heard the other day while exploring the inner circles of VoiceMail Hell: “If you have a rotary phone, press fivenow.”We saw The Tailorof Panama last night. It was different than I expected it tobe. I expected a dark, taut spy thriller in the John Le Carre-vein (hedid write the book on which the movie was based, after all). Insteadthe movie is almost a black comedy interwoven with some thriller-esqueaspects.

Even though the forecast calls for occasional rain showers today, we’retrying to get the seeds planted in our garden. Sarah’s marching ordersdirect us toplant peas, green beans, sunflowers, pumpkins, carrots, and zucchini or asimilar squash. Last year we tried cantaloupe, which didn’t turn outthat well, so we’re trying pumpkin in its place this year. Our (snow) peasgot powdery mildew last year, so we’re either going to try sugar-snap peasor a more powdery mildew resistant strain of snow peas this year. Also, we’re rearranging the plants this year. Last year, the carrotswere pretty much shaded out by the sunflowers and peas. This year, thecarrots will be first in line when the sunshine is handed out. Tomatoes will also make the cut, certainly, but we need to get the plantsfrom the farmer’s market, if memory serves.

The flower garden that we put in a few weeks ago is already putting forthcolor. The columbine is blooming already, and it has a really neatflower, which neither of us had seen before. The daisies are blooming,as well, while the foxglove that we planted is also springing out of theground. I’m really looking forward to the time when the foxgloveblooms because it should draw plenty of hummingbirds to our yard.