It was difficult to not write anything in this space yesterday. There were entirely too many things I wanted to write as April Fools’ Dayjokes that probably would have been either taken badly once it was revealedthey were jokes or would have been ignored entirely as too outrageous. I’ll have to work a bit harder next year to come up with something for AprilFools’ Day.

Over the weekend, Sarah and I took her canoe out on the water for thefirst time in many moons. We loaded it up onto her Saturn and drove itdown to Lake Chabot for a relaxing afternoon on the water. The temperature was in the seventies, there wasn’t too much wind, and LakeChabot doesn’t allow power-boats, so the conditions were ripe for anafternoon of peaceful canoeing. We saw plenty of wildlife while wewere on the lake including some interesting species of birds and a reptileor two. Does anybody really believe the Chinese government’s story that the USspy plane bumped the Chinese fighter? The US spy plane involved isbasically a retrofit C-130 cargo plane. The Chinese fighter involvedwas a nimble, reasonably modern jet fighter. It seems that the onlyway the two could have bumped would be if the jet fighter was either flownbadly or deliberately into the path of the C-130.

GW Bush, focusing on the big issues of our day: Not enoughT-ball fields in America. His solution: use part of the WhiteHouse lawn to host baseball games. Supposed energy crisis? Trouble in theMideast? Global Warming? These issues all pale compared to theT-ball issue.

Friday night, we saw Guster play The Fillmore in SF. It was a good show, at a storiedvenue, and the night seemed to end too quickly for the fans in thecrowd.