The major polluters of America continue to lead the GW Bush administrationaround by the nose. First, we had the Bush administration reversing acampaign pledge to abide by the Kyoto protocols and reduce carbon dioxideemissions. After all, the U.

S. has about four percent of the globalpopulation, but produces twenty-five percent of the world’s carbondioxide. Clearly, that is somebody else’s problem. After all,when the oceans rise and climates change, certainly the Earth will have goodsense not to intrude on American soil. Of course, we’ll all be dead before that happens, and the most recentenvironmental “policy” to come out of Washington should help usall along. Apparently, the Bush administration, after carefulconsultation with power producers and mining concerns, has decided thatwhile arsenic isn’t good for you, it isn’t necessarily bad either. Bush has reversed a Clinton decision which limited arsenic in drinking waterto 10 parts per billion. This is down from the current limit of 50parts per billion. Both the World Health Organization and the EuropeanUnion currently have adopted the 10 parts per billion standard. Bushand his EPA flunky, Christine Todd Whitman, said that they need morescientific proof that reducing arsenic to 10 parts per billion isprudent. Huh? Arsenic causes lung, skin, prostate, bladder,liver, and kidney cancer. Some studies link arsenic to birth defects,reproductive problems, and harm to basically every major system in the humanbody (neurological, cardiovascular, pulmonary, immunological, andendocrinal). Clearly the interests of the mining andpower production industries outweigh such trivial concerns. It’s notlike arsenic is a poison that we use in ant traps. Oh, Iforgot, we do use arsenic in ant traps. How careless of me toforget. Maybe I’ll go suck on an ant trap for a while since the Bushadministration (after a “long look,” I’m sure) has determined thatarsenic isn’t necessarily bad for me. The weather her in the Bay Area has been beautiful the past four or fivedays. Shorts and t-shirts have been the uniform of the day and bikinghas been a popular recreational activity.

Fortunately, bikes don’t need electricity because that has been in shortsupply. Of course, the entire energy “crisis” is entirelyartificial. The governor and his toothless PUC have donenothing useful to solve the problem. Gray Davis has signedmultiple multi-million dollar contracts for electricity but he refuses torelease the details of how this public money is being spent. The PUCsuspects that the power generators are in collusion to cause blackouts andforce electricity costs higher. However, they have done nothing todate, even after their offices in SF were hit with rolling blackouts thelast couple of days. Your/Our tax dollars in inaction.