Bumper sticker of the day:
Guns don’t kill people, radical pro-lifers do.

This weekend we drove down to Big Basin State Park to do somehiking. The weather was great, and the park itself was reallypretty. We hiked just short of five miles at a leisurely pace and sawall sorts of fun stuff. Feral pigs are making a mess of the place withtheir rooting around. We looked for signs of Sudden Oak Death diseaseon the oaks down there, but weren’t able to conclusively identify any of theoaks as smitten with the disease. The nice about the park is that itwasn’t overrun with other people like parks closer to the Bay Area or parksthat have bigger name recognition.

If your newspaper doesn’t carry it, or even if it does, I highlyrecommend the comic strip GetFuzzy. It’s currently the only comic that makes me laugh out loudmore than once every six months.