So, the Commerce department is going to release unadjusted census figuresfor redistricting. “Thus we will send unadjusted data to the states for the purpose andonly the purpose of redistricting.”

This should pleaseRepublicans, as this means that under-counted minorities will remainunder-counted for the purposes of redrawing political districts. However, it appears that adjusted census data will be released forthe purposes of spending federal money. What does that say abouteither set of figures? Wouldn’t that seem to indicate that one or theother set is invalid? Why not use unadjusted data for both purposes oradjusted data for both purposes?

It has been nice here in the Bay Area for a change. It’s stopped rainingfor a few days and I’ve been able to get out and into San Francisco. It was free admission day at the Exploratorium, so I biked into the city and checked itout. It was okay, but I probably would have enjoyed it more if I wasthirteen or so. It’s hard to enjoy exhibits when you are constantlybending over to view things that are built for people approximately fourfeet tall.