Today I finally got a few pictures from our San Diego trip on-line. You can view them here.

Some notes about the earthquake in the Seattle area yesterday:- The Bay Area news outlets, of course, had to compare the Seattle quake toLoma Prieta in the Bay Area in 1989. They all made a big point ofsaying how even though Seattle’s quake was a 6.8 and Loma Prieta was a 6.9,Loma Prieta was a much worse quake because it was twenty miles closer to thesurface.

  • I learned more watching fifteen minutes of the local news at 10 PM PSTthan I did from watching a half hour of MSNBC and CNN. The localstation had dispatched two reporters to the scene for on-the-spot reportsand several other reporters to talk with earthquake experts in the BayArea. Both CNN and MSNBC seemed happy to merely rebroadcast what thelocal Seattle stations were airing.
  • A magnitude 6.8 quake and the Starbucks headquarters is stillstanding? What’s it gonna take? A truly Biblical act of God?
  • Dumbest word I heard to describe the earthquake: unexpected. A reporter thought the earthquake particularly unnerved people because itwas “unexpected.” As opposed to all the expectedearthquakes?