Sixteeen days since my last update…

What on earth have I been up to in thattime?

The job search carries on. It’s clear that the job market this yearis vastly different than the market last year.
I’ve seen a few new movies in the past couple of weeks:- Fight Club was a great movie. I’ddefinitely recommend it to anyone looking for a cerebral action movie, ifsuch a phrase isn’t a complete paradox. “I am Jack’s raging bileduct.”

  • You Can Count On Me was okay. I don’tnecessarily understand why it’s getting a fair amount of Oscar hype. Maybe there weren’t enough crying movies nominated for awards so this onegot nominated by default?
  • [Titan A.

E.]( was not that great. Iprobably would have enjoyed it more if I was ten or eleven.

  • When We Were Kingswas okay. It’s more ofa documentary than a film (why I thought it would be more like a fictionalfilm, I don’t know…). “I done something new for this fight! I done rassled with aalligator! That’s right, I have rassled with a alligator. I done tussled with awhale! I done handcuffed lightning, throwed thunder in jail! That’s bad. Only last week,I murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalized a brick. I’m so mean, I make medicinesick!”
  • Me, Myself and Irene was a complete waste oftime. Fortunately, we were able to see that one on pay-per-view so weonly squandered four dollars and a couple of hours. Ugh.
  • Traffic wasgood, but I’m not sure it was among the best pictures of the year. State and Main wasactually a better movie. The Navy wants to start using Ft. Hunter-Ligget in the Big Sur area as abombing range. It appears there are about six people in the entirearea who are for this, and four of those people work for the Navy. Theprotestors(including ranchers, monks, local residents, etc.) have put up awebsite to helporganize their resistance to the bombing range. It seems the Navy justdoesn’t get it. They haven’t exactly been a source of sterlingperformance over the past few years. Consider the following: - From our “Navy ‘smart’ bombs are none to smart or accurate”file:
  • [Most of the Navy’s new, and expensive, bombs did not hit theirtargets in the recent bombing of Iraq.](

DTL) Sorry, Bob. Wedidn’t exactly mean to bomb your house, cars, cattle, and family. It’sthese new “smart” bombs. I guess it’s unfortunate you livewithin several miles of our bombing range, huh?

  • From our”Questionable Judgment, at best” files:
  • Of course, the recent useof [Los-Angeles class submarines to sink Japanese fishing vessels](

DTL) isa bit over thetop. Apparently, the sub commander doesn’t feel likeapologizing. Dumbass. Apologizing is part of being in anaccident. By not apologizing, the sub commander looks even guiltierthan before, and an insensitive ass, to boot.

  • [Tailhook](

DTL). ‘Nuff said.

  • In 1988, the US Navy’s most technologically advanced ship, the USSVincennes shoots down an Iranian airliner, killing 290 people. Is it any great surprise that people aren’t crazy about having a Navybombing range in their neighborhood? Is it also any surprise that theNavy has no credibility when it says that most bombing runs will beconducted at 20000’ or more? Who do they think they’re fooling withsuch nonsense? About the only aircraft in the US arsenal that makesregular bombing runs at 20000’ or more is the B-52 and the Navy doesn’t flya lot of those off their aircraft carriers.

If you’re still sleeping well at night, you obviously missed’srecent article about what happened at GW Bush’s first press conference. I’ve beensaying for years that the nation hasn’t had a good orator for a presidentsince I’ve been alive. GWB has now dispelled any lingering thoughtsthat he might fill the void.

Disney has been heavily promoting Disneyland’s new theme park, Disney’s California Adventure. Basically, the park iswhat someone considers the highlights of California, writ small, withamusement park rides. While the wisdom of such an attraction forvisitors to California with limited money and time can be debated, I havenews for Disney: I live in California. You can stop pitching meincessantly on visiting your theme park, because I live in the area thatyou’re trying to recreate. I don’t need to visit your theme park toget the flavor of Napa and Sonoma, the Golden Gate, Yosemite,etc., etc. In fact, the original versions of all of those attractionsare far closer to my house than your amusement park, and generally cost farless to enjoy. Stop wasting money on radio and televisionadvertisements now and go back to subtle forms of censorship.

Anyone who doesn’t believe that school zones are death traps forbicyclists and pedestrians is welcome to read about what [Livermore, CA is doing about the problem](


The past few weeks I’ve been using LinuxPPC almost exclusively on my Mac at home. While Igenerally don’t like Linux (I’m more of a BSD user), it’s a slick bit ofsoftware that has resuscitated my aging PowerMac 7500.

From the Unix fortune file:Q: How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Two. One to hold the giraffe and the other to fill the bathtub with brightly colored machinetools.

The other day I finished Elmore Leonard’s Pagan Babies. It was alright, but if that is what allthe fuss is about, I’ll stick to reading other authors.