We had amazing weather this weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday thetemperature was in the high sixties to lower seventies with sun and clearskies. We’ve been able to turn the heat off, open up the windows, andbask in what would normally be spring like weather.

Saturday, we attended the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco. Neither Sarahor I had ever seen a parade like this one, both in size and in style, so itwas interesting. The city itself was overflowing with people alltrying to cram into a small number of city blocks to see the parade, sobeing amongst all those people made it hard for Sarah to see everything, butwe managed. After the parade, we walked through some of SF’s more colorful (read:seedy) blocks to get to a great German restaurant, Schnitzelhaus. Acouple of my former coworkers and I discovered this place and itgreat! The Weiner Schnitzel, as you might imagine, is great. TheNurnburger Bratwurst are also good. With nearly every dish, they servelittle roasted red potatoes (Kartoffeln), that make the whole meal. It’s a bit out of the way, and not necessarily in the best part of town, butif you’re looking for good German food in SF, you could do much worse thanSchnitzelhaus.

Today we drove out to Pt. Reyes,, and hiked up, and then down, of course, Mt. Wittenberg. Whatmight have been a cold, wet hike in normal winter weather was a sunny,pleasant walk in the woods today.