Wow, I had no idea that it’s been eight days since I last updated this page.

After the complete and total destruction of the Vikings last Sunday,several things are clear: - Emmitt Thomas, the defensive coordinator,needs to be fired. He may not be the problem with the defense, but hecertainly isn’t helping the situation any. He was the defensivecoordinator in Green Bay last year, remember, along with Ray Rhodes, who isconsidered a defensive coach. They were both fired because Green Baystunk last year, so it’s no surprise to me that our defense stinks thisyear.

  • Dick Soloman, the defensive backs coach, also needs to befired. Again, he may not be the problem, but he’s certainly not partof the solution.
  • Wasaa Serwanga is not part of the solution toour defensive back problems. He was with the 49ers last year, whenthey were the absolute worst in the league versus the pass, so why did theVikings think that he was any good to begin with?
  • Dennis Green has onceagain shown that he is incapable of getting his team ready for biggames. It’s very rare that the Vikings don’t end their season on thewrong end of a complete blowout. Last year’s field goal debacleagainst the Falcons seems to be the exception to this rule.
  • Dennis Greenwill probably address this problem by trying to upgrade the offense. My impression is that he doesn’t understand the defensive side of the ball,and doesn’t want to, so he won’t do anything to try and fix problems on thatside of the ball. Green is probably thinking, “Our offense wasn’t ableto score 42 points in a single game, it needs a major upgrade!” Thisthought will force him to draft another quarter back, a running back, atight end, and a passel of offensive linemen in the upcoming draft.
  • Our”Pro Bowl” right tackle, Korey Stringer, looked like a nominee for the”Toilet Bowl” team. Was there a single play where he wasn’t beatenaround the corner by nearly anybody who bothered to try?
  • Todd Steussienever was, and never will be, Pro Bowl material. Every game he commitsat least one, preferably two or more, bone-headed, drive killingpenalties. Last year it was the false start and the hold. Hisspecial move this year seems to be “Illegal hands to the face.”
  • Somebodyshould have reminded the offensive coordinator, Sherm Lewis, and thequarterback, Daunte Culpepper, that the Vikings have two of the best widereceivers in the game. At the end of the game, it seemed that both ofthem were really intent on getting the ball to Chris Walsh, the fourth widereceiver. Don’t get me wrong, I like Chris Walsh and I think he’s aquality player. He will never be confused with Moss and Carter,however. Even if Moss and Carter were covered, you’ve got to try andget them the ball because they have a much better chance of making somethinghappen than Chris Walsh does.
  • The fumble of the Giants’ kickoff was not a terribly unusual play. Footballs by their very nature take funny bounces. Most teams sufferthese little quirks of fate in the regular season against the Bengals orsome other patsy of a team. Only the Vikings seems to specialize incrazy post-season miscues.

If you’re not watching Junkyard Wars on TLC (The Learning Channel), you don’t knowwhat you’re missing. Watching this show always make me sad that Idon’t know how to weld, use an acetylene torch, or do other crazy thingswith metal, wood, and other substances.

If the upcoming Bush administration scares you in ways that you’re havingtrouble expressing in words (and it should, that’s a healthy response), thisarticle might help to put your fears into words.