As just one example of the kind of destruction of environmental regulationwe can expect to see under a GW Bush government, check out a recent ruling by the Supreme Court. While Bush did not appointany of the current justices on the Supreme Court, he has made several clearstatements endorsing decisions like this. From this ruling, it’s avery slippery and steep slope to a complete repeal of the federal CleanWater and Clean Air acts.

There is actually a business that is open fewer hours than a bank. The local UPS pickup station is open from 12:01 PM PST to 6 PM PST, Mondaythrough Friday. And yes, 12:01 PM isn’t a typo or an exaggeration onmy part. That exact time was repeated to me twice by thelocal UPS representative. That means that the local UPS pickuplocation isn’t even open for thirty hours a week. If they weren’t themiser’s package hauler of choice, I’d like to think that UPS would have beendriven out of business long ago.