We saw “The Family Man” the other night. It wasn’t as bad, or as sappy, as I thought it might be. Unfortunately, that’s about the best I can say about it.

I rode my old Schwinn into the city yesterday for the first time in months. Sarah and I went for a ride over the holiday weekend and I took the Schwinn out of its pasture (read: the basement) then, and also to run a few errands over the weekend. It wasn’t supposed to rain this week (so I wouldn’t have to transfer my fenders from one bike to the either), so I decided to ride the Schwinn into work this week as a change of pace. Well, yesterday was the first and last time I’ll ride that bike for a while. I got a flat in amazingly authoritative style, which basically ruined the back tire. The ironic thing was that I was riding to work with a co-worker in the morning who asked me which bike got more flat tires. My answer at that time was that I’d had more with the Schwinn than I’d ever had with the Miyata. I guess the Schwinn just had to prove me right in its usual unpleasant style. So, today I’m back on the Miyata.

The house in which we live is getting a new roof, which was a surprise to us. Two days ago, the roofers just showed up and started taking the roof off the house. Apparently, the landlord decided the house needed a new roof but forgot to tell the people who actually live in the house that he’d made that decision. So far, the roofers have:- Destroyed a lightbulb in a light fixture.

  • Washed a fair amount of dirt and water into our basement through careless use of a hose.
  • Left us a nice collection of roofing nails on the driveway and lawn.
  • Left our basement door open and unlocked, with the lights on, for hours after leaving the job site.
    As usual, our landlord appears to have hired, um, quality.