For those of you that haven’t seen “2001: A SpaceOdyssey,” the dawning of the year 2001 might be a excellent to do. This advice might be especially helpful for those who have encounteredsignificant difficultly answering “2001” related questions while playingTrivial Pursuit.

We saw a couple of movies over the weekend: “Crouching Tiger, HiddenDragon” and “Where the Heart Is.” “Crouching Tiger” was anexcellent movie. It takes a couple of minutes to get used tothe sub-titles, but the scenery, plot, and action make all that effort worthit. “Where the Heart Is” is a bit more subdued and conventional. It wasn’t a great movie, but tolerable. There was a reasonably large fireworks display last night over SFBay. It went on for about fifteen minutes and was prettyamazing. I’m not entirely certain that it wasn’t bigger than the 2000display.

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