Miserable weekend.

Saturday, Sarah, her family, and I went on a whale watch sponsored by the Oceanic Society. The cruise was supposed to last about eight hours and would a brief cruise around the Farallon Islands, which are about 25 miles off the western coast of San Francisco. Well, about one and one-half hour into the cruise, I got violently seasick. If you’ve never been seasick, you have no idea the misery that you’re missing. One writer for the Houston Chronicle wrote an article, however, which summed up the experience reasonably well. This excerpt sums up the article nicely: “First you think you’re going to die. Then you’re afraid you won’t.”I’d have surgery again before I’d get back on a whale watch boat again. I’d suffer through braces again before I went on another whale watch boat. I’d voluntarily visit the dentist and eye doctor hundreds of times over before I’d get on another boat like I did Saturday in conditions like Saturday. It wasn’t until about 3 PM PST on Sunday that I felt well enough to eat much beyond saltine crackers, soda, and turkey soup. I didn’t get warm after the cruise until I’d been home for about five hours, bundled into four shirts, a stocking cap, skiing socks, and this was after turning the heat way up and drinking warm tea. I’ve never had motion or seasickness like I did yesterday and I hope that I never do again.

Sarah’s parents left this morning for Cleveland so we’re back to normal here.

We made our reservations for travel back to South Dakota. Air travel is really expensive, even in this supposedly deregulated market.

For Sarah’s birthday, I got her a Garmin eTrex GPS unit. Hopefully, she will enjoy it and use it. She seems to have enjoyed it so far.