My parents were in town over the weekend and left yesterday afternoon for South Dakota. Sarah’s parents are also in town this week. We cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the crew on Sunday. The menu included turkey on the grill, broiled new potatoes, and other sundries we picked up from the farmer’s market.

On Sunday, we took the family to the Sony Metreon in SF to take in Cirque de Soleil’s Journey of Man. Journey of Man is shown in IMAX and 3-D, which certainly makes it a unique experience. On Monday, we drove them all over San Francisco for sight seeing. We stopped in at Golden Gate Park to see the Japanese Tea Garden and the Dutch Windmills. After that, we had lunch at the Cliff House which was okay, but nothing special. After lunch we peeked in at the ruins of the Sutro Baths and took in the Camera Obscura. Then, we took a drive by the California Palace of the Legion of Honor. We then drove through the Presidio on our way to Fort Point. One of my co-workers is making a Turducken for Thanksgiving. At first, I thought he was just pulling my leg because who had ever heard of cooking a chicken in a duck in a turkey. However, after some research it appears that he was not making it up. Quite an interesting food, to say the least.