It was an ugly weekend on the home computing front. I attempted to upgrade my home computer from FreeBSD 3.5-RELEASE to FreeBSD 4.1.1-RELEASE. Unfortunately, the upgrade was far from smooth and I had to rebuild the entire machine from scratch. Right now the machine is about 85% rebuilt. It’s that last 15% which is going to be difficult, however.

There are some interesting takes on the Florida ballot situation on the web. For instance, a statistics teacher presents an interesting statistical breakdown of the votes in Palm Beach. You can also read about how a software developer attuned to software usability views the Florida ballot. is currently reporting that many overseas absentee ballots have yet to be counted. With Bush leading Gore by 229 votes and 66 of 67 counties reporting, it seems that Gore’s hopes rest on the Florida overseas absentee voter contingent. There’s an under-served constituency.

The Vikings lost again this week in Green Bay. They played a sloppy game against the Packers and lost the game in overtime on one of the flukiest touchdowns I’ve ever seen. Of course, had they not allowed the game to go into overtime, a fluky touchdown wouldn’t have mattered.

Sarah and I have been discussing a possible move to Canada if Bush wins. Montreal is nice and we’ve heard some good things about Vancouver, too. Several of my co-workers and their families are also considering a change of scenery to a foreign country if Bush wins.