Halloween is over for another year and Alameda, in characteristic fashion, went all out. More people decorate their homes for Christmas, but the amount of ingenuity per display is much higher for Halloween than for Christmas.

When I put new tires on my bike, I also installed some tire liners called "Mr Tuffy’s." Basically, the liners have a difficult to penetrate outer shell, and an softer inner lining to cushion the tube. The liners are installed between the tire and the tube and cost about $9/pair. So far, my liners have saved me from two separate flats. The first time, something penetrated the back tire but popped out before I could see what caused the penetration. However, the object did leave a hole all the way through the tire and to, but not through, Mr. Tuffy. The other flat would have been caused by a small thorn penetrating the front tire and tube, but the thorn was also stopped by Mr. Tuffy. So, considering that a $9 investment has already saved me $10+ dollars in tubes and the time spent changing tubes, I’d recommended them to anyone who rides their bike frequently.