This morning, before I left the house, Sarah told me about this guy in the East Bay who is tagging SUV bumpers with bumper stickers that read “I’m Changing the Climate! Ask me how.” I laughed the entire ride to the ferry and especially when I’d see some self-styled “urban warrior” who was driving an SUV.

It’s raining today, which is something like the second or third day of rain since May. The Port of Oakland is expanding, and part of the expansion process is the purchase and installation of eleven huge cranes. The cranes are built in Singapore and shipped across the Pacific four at a time on a ship. The cranes and ship just barely fit under the Golden Gate Bridge (six feet of clearance) and the Bay Bridge (twenty-two inches of clearance). This whole process has dominated the news here the past few days. While all this crane movement is interesting, I’m not sure it’s more important than events in the Mid-East, North Korea, or even other places here in the United States.