If you watched the debate between Gore and Bush, you probably heard Bush several times use the phrase, "fuzzy math." This seemed to be a phrase implanted by Bush’s handlers that was supposed to be catchy. It was as though Bush’s handlers told him, "Every time Gore uses numbers or statistics, use the phrase ‘fuzzy math’ to cloud the issue. And besides, it’s catchy." As it turned out the phrase wasn’t catchy, and every time Bush said it, the phrase sounded forced and clumsy.

Listening to the two candidates talk about education got me to thinking. Both want "local control" of education, but both are clamoring for federally mandated testing. Bush’s slogan, "Leave No Child Behind," is actually the exact opposite of what he really wants. It seems that a main thrust of his plan is to end social promotion of students. However, by not promoting kids with others of their class, they are deliberately leaving kids "behind."It’s Fleet Week in San Francisco this week. For the past couple of days, the Blue Angels have been flying overhead, practicing for their air show this weekend. A Los Angeles-class nuclear attack submarine will be docked in Alameda this weekend, so we’ll probably go take tours of it sometime Saturday.