Today we went into San Francisco to see Best in Show, which is a “mockumentary” based around a dog show in Philadelphia. Sarah and the rest of the crowd found it to be hilarious. Much like Trekkies, I thought the movie was very original, but not necessarily laugh-out-loud funny.

The new season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer started on Tuesday. There are only four shows that I watch on television regularly:- The Simpsons;

You have no good excuse for missing Buffy.

For those who aren’t following the football season too closely, the Minnesota Viking won again today, running their record to 4-0.

In many ways the Web is a great way of disseminating information quickly to a broad audience. An important aspect of that, however, is that the information one is disseminating should be correct. As I write this (nearly nine hours after the Vikings-Lions game ended), both the “official” NFL scoreboard on and are showing the final score of the Detroit-Minnesota game as Detroit 17, Minnesota 10. However, had one watched the game, one would know that the real final score was Minnesota 31, Detroit, 24. Both sites also list Detroit’s record as 4-1 (in reality they are 3-2) and Minnesota’s record as 3-1 (4-0 in reality). In this case, I know that the same company that runs ESPN’s web site also runs the NFL’s web site, so it’s not surprising that they’re probably using the same screwed up back end to feed both sites. CNN’s web site still lists the game as being tied 10-10 with 12:09 left in the 4th quarter. In reality, the game ended just a bit under 9hrs. ago. Just another great example of great technology being put into the hands of people who couldn’t care less.