Today I was up in Portland, OR for a meeting and back home by 8 PM PDT. That’s the right kind of business trip. Portland’s vegetation is sodifferent from the Bay Area that it was refreshing. Even thoughthey’re creeping towards fall, Portland is still much greener than the BayArea.

We rented a PT Cruiser while we were up in Portland. The car isreasonably snazzy on the outside, but not necessarily fun to drive. The window controls for the front windows are on the dash. The carisn’t great for people over 5’ 11” as the roof gets in the way. Thecar we drove had a six cylinder engine, but didn’t have much pickup. Beyond that, it was a gas guzzler! The car drank about half a tank ona little over fifty miles of driving! So, if you want a snazzy carthat is short on comfort and performance, I can recommended one to you.