I spent part of this weekend getting my car ready to be sold. Yesterday, I vacuumed the interior and used some Endust to clean off the dash and other plastic bits. Today, I placed the first ad for the car on the Internet, so it will be interesting to see what sort of response Iget. One of the more, umm, unpleasant things about California law, is that any car sold in the state has to pass an emissions test before it can be sold. So, I’ve got to visit my local auto repair shop to get a certificate stating that the car has passed emissions inspection before I can sell it to someone else. Avoiding the whole emissions inspection was part of the idea behind selling the car. It isn’t that the car won’t pass, I’m sure it will, but the whole process is a headache to beavoided if at all possible. It’s really hot here today for a change. We might even be forced to put a fan in the bedroom window tonight for the third time this summer.

Updated the flats page twice in the last couple of days. I had to craft a ‘boot’ for my bike’s front tire today out of packing tape and old racquetball racket grip tape. The flat I got on Friday blew out part of the front tire’s sidewall and the tube was bulging out. Since we seem to be in the midst of a duct tape shortage, the grip tape/packing tape option seemed to be the next best thing. Of course, now I have to get at least one new tire to replace the damaged one, which raises the cost of that flat a bit.