It’s really time to get rid of my car. I had it parked on the streetfor the last week-plus. It just happened to be parked in front ofsomeone else’s house. Apparently, that person felt a certain ownershipof that parking spot and reported my car to the police. As such, whenI got home the other night, I discovered that the local traffic and parkingofficers had been kind enough to visit my car. During the course oftheir visit, they glued a big orange sticker to the driver’s side of thewindshield. The sticker informed me that my car needed to be moved1/10th of a mile every three days, and that “incidental moving from place toplace in the same area does not comply” with this particular fascistlaw. I was given until 15 Sep 00 to move my car or it would be towedand stored, at my expense, of course. The best part is that the gluethey used to put the sticker on my car is now stuck to the windshield. So, removing the glue from the sticker is just another thing to do before Isell the car. I wreaked terrible vengeance upon the ants who were trying to infest mycar, though. We were grocery shopping last night and, on a whim, Idecided it was time to visit the pest control aisle. In the past,we’ve used “Unscented” Raid to control ants. (Unscented just meansthat it smells like poison, instead of poison and countrywild flowers.) While in the aisle, I discovered that Raid now comes ina ‘faster killing’ formula. Normal Raid takes a whole second to killants on contact, so speeding that process up is definitely somethingI’m interested in. So, I ponied up the cash for the new, faster,deadlier “Unscented” Raid. After dark, when the ants come out inforce, I took my flashlight and can of vengeance out to the car and laid downmy own law regarding traffic and parking. Suffice it to say that thepenalty for violating my traffic and parking laws if you’re an ant is deathby Raid. There were corpses of those little buggers everywhere. Very satisfying.