Updated the flats page today.

The McDonald’s across the street from our office is one of the new experimental McDonald’s. It’s experimental in that, instead of serving food that is kept warm under warming lamps, you get food that’s kept warm in heated metal drawers. Apparently, this is supposed to improve the speed of the service and the flavor of the food. I’ve noticed an improvement in neither the three times that I’ve eaten there. The last time I went in there, the third, I noticed that each cash register shows a statistic on how long it takes, on average, to serve a customer in a given line. The line in which I was waiting had an average wait of 60 seconds, according to the display. Given that I was the fifth person in that line, one might expect that I’d be served after approximately four minutes. If one made that assumption, one would be very wrong. In fact, it took ten minutes for me to reach the counter, and two and one half minutes to get my food. What might you expect the little display said about the average service time during this interminable wait? That’s right, the average time to serve a customer was going down! What kind of seconds does McDonald’s use when calculating the average service time? Metric seconds? Nautical seconds? Quantum seconds (they occur instantaneously but last infinitely)? I guess that’s why I rarely eat at McDonald’s. The food just isn’t worth the hassle.