It’s been a quiet Labor Day weekend for us here in CA. Tonight we haddinner with one of Sarah’s childhood friends who was in town for a few days,which was nice.

I’m still not completely rid of this cold I have, so we didn’t do toomany active, outdoors things. Today we went for a light and easy bikeride. Yesterday, we went for a hike in the Oakland Hills. Otherthan that, we’ve been in and around the house. My car sat on the street last week from Sunday afternoon to Saturdaymorning without moving. When I went out to the car on Saturdaymorning, it was covered in ants! The little buggers decided thatliving on my car would be better than drowning in the rain, so they havemaking themselves at home in the engine compartment and in the weatherstripping around the doors on the passenger side. The ants don’tcurrently seem that interested in getting into the cab of the car, which isgood. However, it’s annoying that the ants have discovered how littleI drive my car. So, I had to buy and place ant traps under the hoodand trunk to kill off the ants. Apparently, it’s not entirely uncommonhere in CA for cars to become infested with ants when they are left sittingfor long periods of time. It’s reasonably annoying for me because Inever eat in the car, and keep it reasonably clean, but apparently it’s lessthat my car has food the ants want, but rather a place out of the rain.

Football season finally started this weekend! The Vikingsbeat the Bears, a reasonably average team, in less than resoundingstyle. However, we’ll take a win anyway we can get it.