This morning we went to see the Magritte exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of ModernArt. There are basically two types of art that I enjoy: realisticand surrealistic. Magritte falls into the latter category. Wewent early in the morning to avoid the crowds, which turned out to be a goodmove on our part. The exhibit itself was interesting. It’salways different to see pictures in real life when you’ve only seen them inbooks previously. Everything in art books has the shiny gloss ofcolor printing, where as paintings in real life are seldom as shiny.

After the exhibit, we tried to visit a good Italian restaurant nearby, Pazzia, but they are closed on Sunday. So, we ended upat our favorite pizza place in the Bay Area, Zachary’s. Their stuffed pizza is truly one of the fewpizzas we’ve ever had that we’d drive half-an-hour to eat. As usual,the pizza was incredible. Last night, we attended a showing of “Cleopatra: The Musical” at theZellerbach Playhouse which is on the UC-Berkeley campus. Sarah hadactually seen it a week or so ago, but she said it was so funny that I hadto go. She was right. The show was written and directed by oneof the UC-Berkeley PhD students who seems destined for bigger things if hekeeps producing shows like that one.

From our “George W. Bush In Bed With the Military Industrial Complex”File: In a story run by the AP, Dubya promises to “restore the militarypower of the United States.” Is this a problem? Who’s ahead ofus in the arms race at this point? France? Pakistan? India? China? None of those seem like credible military threats(minus China whose main source of power seems to lie in a nearlyinexhaustible supply of manpower).

Friday night, Sarah met me at work, and we had dinner with some friendsat a good German restaurant in San Francisco, Suppenkuche. I hadthe Roasted Half Chicken in Red Wine Sauce with Potato Pancakes, which wasvery good. However, while reading the menu, I didn’t notice the word”half” nestled between the words “roasted” and “chicken” and thus was verysurprised when such a large piece of meat showed up. The potatopancakes were actually really good, too. Normally, potato pancakes arebest used as clay pigeon stand-ins for target shooting, but these particularpotato pancakes were actually edible. What a nice change!