Sarah and I spent this morning volunteering at the bikealameda valet bikeparking booth for the Alameda Wine and Art Faire. We were at the boothfrom 10 AM to 1 PM PDT, and I didn’t wear a hat for most of the time. As a result, I think that I sunburned my head.

Well, my bike situation has been interesting. For a short period oftime, specifically, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, I had two workingbikes. On Wednesday’s ride home, my chain started acting funny andoccasionally slipping up on top of the teeth of the front crank. Itwas doing this so often and in all gears, that it took me one hour andforty-five minutes to get home from work, instead of the usual hour. The problem was that one pin of one chain link was coming out and deformingthe link. Of course, literally the only tool I wasn’t carrying at thetime was my chain tool. So, I got home, spent about an hour trying tofix the problem, and taking the bike out for a test drive. Everythingseemed okay, so I rode the bike into work on Thursday. Bigmistake. As I got about five minutes from the ferry, the chain startedseparating again, and did the same thing every five minutes after that onthe way home, too. Friday, I rode my old bike into the city. That was okay, until I got home. As I was turning to ride up the walkto our house, I fell (in slow motion, it seemed), scraped up myself, andbent the rear derailleur on the bike such that it was in the spokes of therear wheel. In a period of two days, I’d gone from two functionalbikes, to none. Well, I brought the new bike back to the shop, andthey swapped out the cruddy Shimano chain for a new Sachs chain, noquestions asked. I bent the rear derailleur by hand back to where Ithought it should be, and it seems to be okay again.