My new bike is great! It’s so much smoother, lighter, andmore responsive than my old bike. The only downside is that the newbike is a bit more of thief magnet.

What were the marketing people at Keebler thinking? Keebler is pushingits new snack food, Junior Cheez-Its pretty hard. The reason we’re supposedto buy these Cheez-its over regular Cheez-Its is because Junior Cheez-itsare smaller. For whom were regular Cheez-Its too big? RegularCheez-Its are about the size of a postage stamp. Are there reallypeople out there who were looking for a smaller cracker? Were thereMarketing research sessions where people answered the question, “Why don’tyou eat more Cheez-Its than you do?” with the question, “Because they’re toobig.” Quite honestly, by making the cracker smaller, it’s going to getmore difficult to eat for people like myself with merely averagemanual dexterity, thereby making me less likely to buy it. Another big selling point of Cheez-Its, according to Keebler, is that theyprovide calcium. Sure, and I get my daily ration of vegetables fromtaco shells. If you’re eating Cheez-Its (or even Junior Cheez-Its) foryour daily dose of calcium, you’ve got bigger problems than loss of bonedensity. It actually felt like summer today in the Bay Area. For the lastfew days we’ve actually had something approaching hot weather. Nothinglike the rest of the nation, but warmer than usual.