We saw a couple of movies this weekend. One, Sleepy Hollow was not very good. It was directed by Tim Burton of Batman, BeetleJuice, and The Nightmare Before Christmas fame, but it just wasn’t as original or creative as the others. The other movie, If Lucy Fell was predictable, but better and more intelligent overall.

We continued our quest for furniture by venturing into San Francisco this weekend. We visited a factory that recycles wood from houses that are torn down into really nice, affordable, hand-made furniture. We also visited the near legendary Ikea store in Emeryville. This store routinely generates traffic jams on the weekends, but I can’t understand why. The furniture really isn’t any nicer than the stuff one could get at K-Mart or Wal-Mart. It’s the same ‘put it together yourself’ pressboard, with slightly better design.

Yesterday, I broke down and bought a new bike. My Schwinn Sprint has been a valiant steed for the last 10+ years, but it was time to upgrade. So, I bought a new/used bike at a local bike shop. This bike has a steel frame, like the Sprint, but many of the components are aluminum. The wheels are razor thin and pretty snazzy looking. The gear shifters are built into the brake handles. I got the left gear shifter, though, put on the down tube because I need to trim the front derailleur cage according to what gear I’m using on the back half of the power train. Of course, I had to take it out for a test spin after I got it today, and it was certainly different to ride. The frame itself is bigger is going to take some adjustment for me to get comfortable riding it. Also, this bike has sixteen different gear combinations, compared to the 10 (recently upgraded to 12) gear combinations on my old bike. Now I need to get a cycling computer for this bike to see if I can break the old bike’s speed record.

On Saturday, I bought the bike, but before I bought it, I wanted to take it for a test drive. The tires on the bike weren’t that nice, but they should have been fine for a spin around the block. As itturns out, they weren’t OK for a spin around the block. I was three blocks away from the bike store, turning back to end the ride, when I hit a reasonably small pothole, and blew out the back tire. This, of course, led to the dilemma of whether or not to update the flats page. In the end, I decided against updating the flats page because I wasn’t technically the owner of the bike at that point, and I wasn’t riding it to work or anywhere else. Either way, it’s still a bummer to carry a bike back to the bike shop with a flat tire after having been on it for something like two minutes.

After reading this particular takeon George W. Bush’s environmental record, is there any doubt that he is merely a tool of big business? Let’s see, he’s “promising to cut more trees.” That’s what the environment needs, a good shot of logging. The problem isn’t that the air and water are polluted, it’s that we have too many trees. GW also wants to “abandon talk of breaching dams” and install “salmon-friendly turbines.” Does anyone else think that salmon-friendly turbines are as much of an oxymoron as carrot-friendly food processors or cattle-friendly slaughterhouses? Thank God he’s going to “work closely with traditional local power structures.” There’s an under-served segment of the population. Single mothers be damned! Let’s all lend a hand to the struggling local utility monopoly! Maybe he can organize a food drive for banks next?