We saw the movie X-Men the other. Overall, it was a pretty goodmovie. If you’re at all familiar with the comic book you get both moreand less out of the movie, but it’s definitely worth seeing.

Last weekend I got my cycling computer hooked up to my bike. Thecycling computer provides me with (reasonably current) speed, total distancetraveled since last battery replaced, highest speed attained on currentride, and a trip odometer. So far, I’ve discovered that my averagespeed when biking is about 18 mph. One day riding home last week, Ibroke 30 mph, which wasn’t too bad. The computer also allows me to geta better handle on the distance that I’m riding. The distance between myhouse and the ferry terminal in Alameda via one route is 4.44 miles and thenit’s 2.36 miles from the ferry terminal in San Francisco to work. Coming home, I generally ride a different route from the ferry terminal inAlameda to my house which is 3/10 of a mile longer than the morning route.

Sarah’s off in the Sierra’s this weekend for a class offered by theJepson Herbarium of UC-Berkeley.