This morning we walked down the block to watch Alameda’s Fourth of Julyparade. Interestingly enough, Alameda’s parade is the largest Fourth ofJuly parade in northern California. Bigger cities like San Francisco,Oakland, and Berkeley don’t have Independence Day parades. They justhave a festival in a park somewhere and call it good. Having grown upwith a parade, it’s hard to imagine the Fourth of July without one. Tonight we’re off to the USS Hornet to watch the fireworks and listen to music. The Hornet is docked out on Alameda Point (the former Alameda Naval AirStation). Last year we watched the fireworks from a spit of land nearNAS. From that spit of land we could see the fireworks from Oaklandand San Francisco simultaneously. From the Hornet, which is tens offeet higher up and farther out into the Bay, the view of the show should beeven better.