From the Banks Are from the 18th Century File:Today one of my Certificates of Deposit matured. A letter I got from the bank said that by calling the bank’s 800-number, that I could redeem the CD, renew it,or change the term. Sounded easy enough. So, I called the800-number tonight, and after wading through a voice menu, I actually got to speak with a person. This guy, for lack of a pseudonym let’s call him Scott, wasn’t exactly pleasant, but not rude, either. I explained that I wanted to add x-number of dollars to my CD from my savings account and renew it for six months. Scott explained that he’d have to send me paperwork to accomplish this task, and that I’ve have to send him a check for the additional funds. I asked him why he couldn’t just transfer the funds from one account to another. He explained that the bank needed written authorization to transfer funds from one account to another. This seemed a bit disingenuous because I transfer funds all the time using a computer and the telephone and I said so. Scott explained that he knew bank policy and I didn’t and this had to be written. Ok, but couldn’t you just send me a withdrawal slip for my savings account? No, Scott insisted, it had to be a check. I asked Scott whether or not it seemed even slightly goofy that I had to transfer funds electronically from my savings account to my checking account so that I could then write a check to the bank, so that the back could then transfer funds electronically from my checking account to a CD. Scott responded that he wasn’t about to argue bank policy with a customer. Thanks for playing, Scott. I really ought to hire someone to handle my interactions with the bank, it would save me a great deal of time and aggravation. Of course, then I wouldn’t be continually reminded how not everyone is rushing to join the 21st century.