One of the greatest things about biking around Alameda is the smell of the island. Alameda’s flowers and gardens are in full bloom right now and the smell is everywhere. It is nearly impossible, however, to experience this smell in a car, and I know, because we’ve tried. For instance, at the corner of Chestnut and Clinton there has been a fabulous scent from some flowers in the area for several weeks now. I first noticed this while biking somewhere, and tried driving Sarah past it later to let her experience it. We both had our heads hanging out of the car like a pair of dogs, but couldn’t smell a thing. It wasn’t until we got out of the car that the smell became apparent. This morning I biked over to the butcher shop to get some meat for the weekend, and the smell from all the flowers and gardens, almost from door to door, was incredible. Sarah and I went back out this afternoon for another ride to try and recapture the scent, but it seems to fade as the day progresses.