Updated the flats page today, unfortunately.

After a weekend of scorching heat in the Bay Area, it’s cooled down a bit the last couple of days. In fact, it’s almost been cold in the mornings, though I suppose I shouldn’t complain.

I rail against SUVs because they pollute, are generally purchased by people who have never even seen an area off the road, and succeed most of all in increasing the profits of automobile manufacturers. (Did you know that by purchasing a Ford Excursion which has a base price of $40,745 you give Ford up to $18,000 in pure profit?) Anyway, my other new gripe against SUVs is how difficult they make it to see potential problems when you’re driving down a street. In a world where most parked cars were actually cars, it was easier to see pedestrians and bicyclists over the roofs, hoods, and trunks of cars since people are generally taller than their cars. As such, it was easier to spot someone about to step into the street or a bicyclist about to come around the corner. With a veritable army of SUVs lining any given street, most of that visibility is reduced or eliminated due to the SUVs’ lack of a trunk and an exceptionally tall roof and hood. It’d be interesting to find out if the increased prevalence of SUVs has increased the number of accidents caused by motorists who couldn’t see people about to step into the street.