We used the unexpected weekend we got by not being in Cleveland to get our garden into the ground. It was 91 degrees at the Oakland Airport today(96 Degrees in Death Valley, by comparison, at the same time), and it wasn’t much cooler yesterday. Our garden this year is significantly larger than our garden last year. Last year, it was about two feet by twelve feet. This year the garden is about eight feet by twelve feet. We don’t have a rototiller, and didn’t feel like renting one, so we turned over all that soil with a shovel, which was, umm…entertaining. Anyway, it was a good deal of work, but we’ve got sunflowers, peas,cantaloupe, carrots, and cucumbers in the ground. Tomorrow, we’re putting in beans (the seeds had to soak overnight). Sarah already had cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, sage, and garlic in the ground, as well. Hopefully, we’ll get a good crop in return for all our work this weekend.