Well, we’re still in the Bay Area. Last night we tried to make our way to Cleveland for one of Sarah’s friend’s wedding. Mother Nature was not so cooperative, however, which meant that our airline, United, had to cancel several hundred flights and delayothers. When we first got to the airport, we noticed that our flight had already been delayed from an 11:30 PM PDT departure to a departure at approximately 1:00 AM PDT. In talking with one of the agents, we learned that our flight into Chicago was now scheduled to arrive at exactly the same time our flight from Chicago to Cleveland was supposed to depart. If we missed that connection, which seemed likely at the time, we would have had to wait until early Saturday morning to get on a flight into Cleveland. Our other option was to was to leave Oakland, get to SFO (San Francisco) and board a Delta flight to Dallas. Once in Dallas, we’d have half-an-hour to collect our luggage from Delta, and check it in with American before boarding an American flight to Cleveland. Again, that didn’t seem likely. So, we decided not to go this weekend. Then, we tried to reschedule the trip for next weekend. Unfortunately, there were no seats available for that weekend. So, we simply got a refund (which the airline would never have done under normal circumstances, I’m sure. Last night the agents almost said, “You want a refund? Really? NO PROBLEM!” because so many other people were getting frustrated and disappointed and taking it out on the gate agents). As it turned out, our flight into Chicago arrived exactly five minutes after the flight into Cleveland departed. So, had we gone last night, we’d still be sitting in Chicago today.