It was a busy weekend for us. Saturday, I took my second solo cross country flight. I flew out of Oakland to Monterey and back. I was supposed to travel to a small, non-towered airport named Hollister after flying to Monterey and before coming back to Oakland, but I just didn’t have the time. Someone had reserved the plane after me, so I needed to be back at a specified time. The winds were so strong on Saturday and it took much longer to get to Monterey and back than I thought it would. Regardless, the flight was uneventful and I enjoyed it.

We bought a Wriggly Ranch on Saturday. Basically, it’s a specialized system for using a specific type of worm to process food waste into worm manure. Apparently, this manure is appreciated by plants, so we’re giving it a try.

Yesterday, we saw the movie Frequency which was OK. We were able to see it for the matinee price, which is probably about right for the quality of the show.

We spent some time looking for air fares to the East Coast last night. Airline pricing is really screwed up. For instance, a direct red-eye flight to Boston from San Francisco, the going rate is around$450 a head, round-trip. For a flight from San Francisco to a tiny airport on Long Island, via Boston, the cost was $337. It’d be nice if we could somehow take the cheap flight, talk the agents into giving us our luggage in Boston, and then getting off the plane in Boston instead of changing planes to continue on to Long Island.